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JRFH/HFH Demonstration Teams
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American Heart Association and OAHPERD
Jump Rope For Heart/ Hoops for Heart
Demo Team Guidelines 2017-2018


In 2000, the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (OAHPERD) agreed to sponsor Jump Rope For Heart Demonstration Teams visiting registered JRFH schools in Ohio and now includes the sponsorship of a Hoops for Heart Demonstration Team.

The AHA and OAHPERD will choose five (5) JRFH demo teams and one (1) HFH Demo Team per year.  If no HFH Demo Teams apply, all six (6) sponsorships will be offered to JRFH demo teams. The chosen teams will be dispersed geographically throughout Ohio, i.e., a team in Northwest, in Southeast, in Central and in Northeast.  This will vary year to year.  The goal is to have demo teams available throughout Ohio, at least every other year.


Eligibility Requirements:

Demo teams will be eligible to receive sponsorship if the team and/or school involved with the demo team conducted an event within the past two years.  Participants in the event must receive a Jump or Hoops collection envelope and be given the opportunity to raise money for the AHA while also participating in a jump rope or basketball activity.  General collections or flat fees to participate will not constitute an event.

General Guidelines

  • Each selected demo team will receive $500.00 to cover expenses such as substitute teacher fees, mileage, and meals, etc.
  • The demo teams will visit at least four (4) registered JRFH / HFH schools, preferably on two (2) visits.
  • The team coach/coordinator and members must be able to travel a minimum of two days a year, usually during school hours. 
  • The JRFH demo teams must be able to demonstrate basic single rope skills, double dutch skills and partner routines with precision, rhythm and endurance.
  • The HFH demo teams must be able to demonstrate basic ball handling skills.
  • Students traveling with the team must maintain at least a C (70%) in every subject.
  • Coaches and team members must behave professionally when representing the JRFH and HFH programs.  Good attitude and sportsmanship must be demonstrated at all times.
  • Coaches and members must understand and be able to speak about the mission of the AHA and OAHPERD, the purpose and value of the JRFH / HFH programs and the benefits of rope jumping as a form of physical activity.
  • The demo teams will arrange their own transportation for team members to and from performances. 
  • The demo teams must have the approval and support of the principal, school district and parent/teacher groups.
  • Individual demo teams cannot represent any business or enterprise or provide implied or direct verbal or written endorsement of product or service. 
  • Demo teams may not receive payment for performances while representing the AHA.
  • All team members’ parents or guardians must sign a permission form each year.  Copies of signed forms must be sent to the AHA for insurance purposes prior to the team’s first performance.  Coaches should also keep copies of the forms for their files.

The AHA will provide:

  • JRFH T-shirts, single ropes for up to fifteen (15) members of a team, and a set of sample prizes to be displayed at performances.
  • HFH basketballs for up to fifteen (15) members of a team, and a set of sample prizes to be displayed at performances.  

Application Process and Selection Timeline

1. Get your team organized

2. Video your jump or hoops performance

3. Get principal approval to apply

4. Electronic Applications are required!! if you have a link to a You Tube video performance and should be sent to or attached to the application below! 

5. Confirmation that your application has been received will be through e-mail.

6. Applications with videos are due August 15, 2017 for consideration in the 2017-2018 school year.

7. Selected OAHPERD Demo Teams will be announced in October.


OR Download a Team Profile and Permission Form and mail it in!

Questions? Contact Sasha Taylor at